Ana Carolina Silva was born in Brazil and raised in Andorra a country in Europa between Spain and France. Carol as she likes to be called grew up in the world of crochet and from there her passion for fashion and handmade clothes sparkled increasing throughout her youth ages. In 2019 Carol finished her pattern maker studies at LCI in Barcelona and she travelled to Australia to started a new life and follow her dream to keep handmade clothes alive and incorporate new projects at her brand Anc by Carol.



 ANC BY CAROL is an Australian company founded on 2021 in Sydney. We operate in the beachwear segment and creating luxurious looks to be used at any time of the day or night. All the products are handmade.

The Anc by Carol team are working and strive to create the highest quality product for your lifestyle.

Enjoy Anc by Carol handmade creations!

Thank you for you preference.

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